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PC Memory Shield is an advance software tool which protects your system from unwanted software which startup without your knowledge. PC Memory Shield has been designed to give maximum security to your system. PC Memory Shield scans your system's memory at different time intervals, at any interval if a software / program starts, PC Memory Shield will immediately inform you and you can block that program or software which you may suspect it as a spyware / adware or which was not started by you. PC Memory Shield gives maximum information of the software which are running. It gives you the information such as what DLLs are used by that software, who has made it, What's the ID and much more, by seeing some of these information you can easily get to know that is software or program running is a spyware or adware or not. Normally some of the spywares or adwares they start in background without your knowledge which is know as stealth mode. These types of software / programs are hidden and will not be noticeable, BUT PC Memory Shield algorithm catches such software / programs and let inform you immediately. If any software or program which you have blocked, PC Memory Shield will block it whenever that software / program is executed or started. You can remove the blocked software / programs from the block list at any time. PC Memory shield has a Trash Jar, A powerful tool which shreds the file. When you add a file in Trash Jar , PC Memory Shield will delete that file whenever its created for example , If you have added c:\gain.dll, PC Memory Shield will delete that gain.dll file whenever it is created or present. There are many other features which are there to keep your system protected. Just download it and start protecting now

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