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Access Password Unlocker is to help users to reset the Access database password new or blank to get into Access in case the password is lost or forgotten. It supports all versions of Windows and Microsoft Access 95/97/2000/XP databases. It has a wide compatibility of hardware and software environment to let users use it at ease. It displays the OPEN password in a truly instant of time. The unlocker works the way just back to the encryption method, which won?t cost that much of time.Password recovery of any strength is as easy as a pie. Multilingual passwords behind the asterisks with different encoding are easily unveiled to you. The Access password recovery won?t change any of the original information. Users may worry about whether the password recovery will damage their data when Access Password Unlocker is working. Definitely not, as the password recovery process is only working on the base of the password storage file, which is far from the data in the library. Any passwords of the database files can be successfully recovered easily. You import the password-protected files into the program and click "Search" button on the interface, you will immediately get the password displayed to you. Moreover, Access Password Unlocker is little utility for Access password recovery only, which don?t have so much settings and options, a solely click could help to finish the whole work. The unlocker is with only an interface and extremely user-friendly that will help you out of the catastrophe of having lost or forgotten the Access password.

Price free to try,$19.95 to buy