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TradeMax is a full featured tax software specifically designed for active investors or traders to manage their trade data maximize their gain/loss strategy, prepare their Schedule D.

The new features of TradeMax include

1.) Track your trades: You can setup different investment type accounts among whole family and manage trade data over years.TradeMax categorizes trade data and download the security price automatically for your tracking and monitoring.

2.) Comprehensive Corporate Events Module : Recording various corporate events, such as stock splits, stock merge, spinoff and symbol changes

3.) Powerful importing module:Pre-defined profiles support most brokers. TradeMax also provides a flexible format reorganization algorithm which allows you to customize your own format.

4.) Intelligent Option Cost Basis Adjustment Function: Auto- detecting Assigned, exercised and expired option, also defers cost to corresponding shares with its Option Adjustment function.

5.) Handle Wash Sales: TradeMax calculates various Wash Sale scenarios Rule.

6.) Simplify tax preparation: TradeMax can assign short trades and convert short / long position, and calculates Wash Sales automatically. You can generate Capital gains/losses report for Schedule D purpose or export *.txf file to popular tax software such as TaxCut, TurboTax.

7.) Analyze your trading performance: You can analyze your trading performance easily with the help of WashSales Detail Report,Summary Report, Transaction Report and Daily Market Value Report.

8.) Powerful Forex Rate Module:Auto-convert the transactions under Non-USD currency into USD figures.

Deluxe Edition limited to 1500 total records per year

Price free to try,$118.95 to buy